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Flexradio Smart-SDR Remote Audio

The great thing about the FLEX Signature Series radio lineup is that you can operate the radio "headless" or from a remote location. On my Flex6300 I have power, antenna and an ethernet cable plugged into it running in a closet far away from where I actually operate. With the power of ethernet and SmartSDR I can use my radio on any computer with the software loaded.

Here's how you enable the Remote Audio after you install SmartSDR on your computer. If your playback devices are not set correctly the button will be greyed out like so:

In order for your audio to play directly to your computer speakers or headphones, you'll have to open up your Sound Control panel and set one of those devices as your default playback device. Find them in the list and click "Set Default"

While you have the panel open you can also set your headset as your device recording device:

Now once you have those default devices set, close your SmartSDR program and reopen it and you'll be able to click on REMOTE now

If you still don't hear anything be sure to adjust the volume up on your active slice

Hopefully that will help someone like me that was stuck on why there was no sound even though there was plenty of signal!